Every vow you break by Peter Swanson

I love Peter Swanson’s work. He has written some amazing psychological thrillers like The Kind Worth Killing and Before She Knew Him. I also enjoyed Eight Perfect Murders, which felt like a homage to the greatest mystery writers.

In this book, he writes about Abigail, who is engaged to a wealthy man. On her bachelorette party, she has a one night stand with a stranger. They didn’t even share the real name. When the stranger shows up at her hometown, trying to get in touch with her, she freaks out. Later when she goes to a honeymoon on an island with her husband, the stranger shows up there too.What happens next forms the plot.

I could tell, he has changed his pattern on Every Vow You Break, this felt more like a fast paced survivor story than a phycological thriller. This book reminded me a bit of Mark Edwards in a lot of ways.

Though I was able to guess the suspense part in first few pages of the book, I should say I completely devoured the book in a single day. The book was so engaging although a bit predictable. Abigail was an interesting character, I loved the way her character is built up, inter twining her past and present.

The story reminded me of the movie ” Get Out” , set in a private island. If you are a fan of horror/survial story with creepy vibes, you would like this book.However, its a bit different from Peter Swanson’s other books.

3.5 stars, because it was truly un-putdown-able.

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