Every vow you break by Peter Swanson

I love Peter Swanson's work. He has written some amazing psychological thrillers like The Kind Worth Killing and Before She Knew Him. I also enjoyed Eight Perfect Murders, which felt like a homage to the greatest mystery writers. In this book, he writes about Abigail, who is engaged to a wealthy man. On her bachelorette party, she has a... Continue Reading →

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

Rating: 2/5 Stars An imposing isolated getaway spot high up in Swiss Alps, which used to be a sanatorium, an avalanche cutting it off from the outside world, a woman dies and another one goes missing in this atmospheric locked room type thriller. Sounds interesting right? But No. Though the book sets the stage well,... Continue Reading →

The Push by Ashley Audrain

“ “Before we were conceived, we existed in part as an egg in our mother’s ovary. All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother.... Continue Reading →

The Survivors by Jane Harper

Rating : 3.5/5 This is my first read of 2021 ! Jane Harper has been one of my favorite authors recently. Her books are deeply atmospheric and character driven. I am not sure how she does it, but he takes you right to the place where the plot happens. On her latest book, she takes... Continue Reading →

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