Book Review: Secrets of the dead ( DI Carter book 2) By Carol Wyer

Secrets of the dead ( DI Robyn Carter Book 2) by Carol Wyer

This is the second installment in Robyn Carter series. After reading Little Girl lost, I was pretty exited to get to this one.

Miles Ashbrook, the manager of Bromley Hall is found dead in the hotel sauna. Robyn’s colleague DI shearer concludes that it was an accident. However, Trishia ( Robyn’s gym partner) was a friend of the hotel manager expresses her suspicion regarding Miles’s death. Due to her busy schedule, Robyn asks her cousin to look into Miles Ashbrook case.

At the same time, a barman is found brutally murdered and in his pocket is a receipt for $25000. Before they could narrow down a suspect, a young mother is murdered within three days and when Robyn finds a similar receipt ,she realizes she is looking for a serial killer. AND HE IS ACTING FAST. As the bodies start to pile up, Robyn has to stop the killer ( named Litchfield Leopard by the press) before it’s too late. Every person who ends up dead is connected to Bromley hall one way or the other. Was Miles murdered? How are all these death related?
Anna Shamash and Mitz Patel develop through the book into compassionate characters who are very loyal to Robyn. As usual Robyn acts on her gut instinct and having a team who will have her back forms the important part of who she is.

In this compelling thriller, Carol Wyer takes us through the mind of a disturbing serial killer who is very intelligent, meticulous and fast.

4/5 stars.


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