Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

Fredrik Backman is obviously one of my favorite writers. His fans like him for his way of writing, but what if there is too much Fredrik Backman-ism in a book ? I think anxious people falls under this category. Its bit of a overkill. If you haven’t read this book, let me give you a tip. Its hard to get into this book. The characters behave erratically and the situation feels ridiculous sometimes. ( What the hell is happening?) . But if you get through that part, open yourself to read this book, accepting the characters and the plot and their behavior, it will be one of the most humane books you have ever read. Also, audio book is much better than reading this book, because its that kind of story.

Anxious People is about parenting, marriage, loss, insecurities, suicide, guilt, love, forgiveness , empathy and everything that makes as human.

I admire Backman’s way of writing Human emotions. It hits too close to the heart almost every single time. In this story, he writes about people and how they connect with each other. He explores humanity a bit more. What connects us? what makes us do terrible things? How can a normal person like you become a bank robber? How can that change into a hostage situation? How can you have something common with a bank robber? Is it possible to empathize with such a person? Maybe you will.

Listening to audiobook version of this book, made me chuckle and nod my head a lot of times. I could relate to a lot of things from this book even though the situation in this book is so ridiculous and there is no way it could happen in real life. The way all of the characters came together and fed off of each other’s energy was amazing. The way their pasts interwove with their presents was just as stunning

If you are new to this author, I recommend reading his other books first. If you have given up this book after few pages, I recommend you to give it one more try.

As usual, its another incredible book from the author.

4/5 Stars

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