Book Review : Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

First of all, READ THIS BOOK. This is one of the incredibly amazing horror/psychological thrillers I have ever read.

The fear of the UNKNOWN. That’s what Bird Box is about.

Malorie lives in a house alone with her two kids in the post apocalyptic world. She never leaves the house without a blindfold and the curtains are always on.THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIFYING OUT THERE. . We don’t know what it is, but when people see it, ” it” drives them mad so that they kill each other or commit suicide. So she has been training her kids “boy” and “girl” to live in this new world, making them wear blindfolds outside and putting them through rigorous tests to train them until they have sense of hearing as their superpower. All this preparation is for the day they will leave the house to find a safer place to live.

The narration alternates between the present and Malorie’s back story. We follow her from the ” break of the event” finding out she is pregnant just as the world begins to collapse. After her sister’s death, she joins a group of random survivors in a house. How did Malorie end up alone in the house? What happened to the other house mates? Read to find out.

The author does a fantastic job in building the suspense and he lets the fear creep into us. Apart from the monsters ” outside”, we also ponder about monsters inside the people. The story made me wonder how much we take our ” vision ” for granted.

Bird Box is an exemplary for a psychological thriller. As you read through the story ,you will literally feel the monsters creeping around you but you wont be able to see them because you’re blindfolded the entire time.

5/5 Stars

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