Dying Truth (Kim Stone #8) by Angela Marsons

A rock solid 5 stars. Wow! What a book! Absolutely addictive and emotional. This book left me with a heavy heart. If you haven’t read Kim Stone series so far, do yourself a favor and start with book 1.

This series is close to my heart. There are so many police procedurals out there that features a strong female lead. But nothing has impressed me as much as this one. With every book, I grew closer and closer to Kim Stone and her team. Kim Stone is one my favorite fictional characters. In Dying Truth, Angela Marsons has taken it to a whole new level. In my opinion, this is the best book in the series so far. The ending left me devastated. I am still not out of it. I have only one question for Angela Marsons, “But why?

Dying truth starts with the death of a thirteen-year-old Sadie Winters at Heathcrest academy, one of the most influential private school in town. On the surface, it looks like a suicide however Kim’s instinct tells her that it’s a murder. When the evidence from post-mortem report suggests it’s a murder, Kim and her team jump right into investigation. The team faces lot of resistance from the school as the murder investigation may damage the “reputation” of the school.  With more students falling victim, Kim and her team must give everything they have got to catch the murderer.

Set in a private boarding school, the plot explores the secret clubs, hazing and its underlying evils. The setting is incredible and there are twists and turns throughout the book. Kim and Bryant work seamlessly well together in uncovering lot of secrets. Kevin and Stacey have also become an integral part of the team as they lead their own lines of enquiry. The pace picked up from page 1 and it never slowed down. I completed the book in two sittings it was simply unputdownable.

As in every book in this series, the characters shine the most. Somehow Angela Marsons manages to create so many amazing characters and makes you love every single one of them. I love how Kim and her team absolutely work well together. The camaraderie and chemistry between them is what I love the most. There are lot of scenes from this book that I will remember for a very long time.

I thank the author, Bookouture and Netgalley for providing me the ARC.

This will definitely be one of my favorites this year. Again, if you haven’t read this series definitely check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


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