The Crossing by Jason Mott

The Crossing by Janson Mott


2.5/5 stars


Imagine a world like this:

A new disease conquers the world.

People go to sleep and never wake up!

The disease started with the elderly and gradually working its way down to younger people.

With 20% of the population wiped out, there is an ongoing war forever.

The world is short on joy and a space launch to Europa (Jupiter’s moon) in search of life might be as close to it as it gets.


Set in this dystopian world, seventeen-year-old twins Tommy and Virginia run away from their foster father. Virginia, to witness the space launch and Tommy as he was drafted for the war. Virginia is gifted with a perfect memory and she remembers every moment of her life. The story is primarily narrated from Virginia’s perspectives with interludes of “Letters written by Virginia’s parents” and “stories of random people”.


The premise was interesting and ambitions but I struggled to finish the book. I didn’t find any of the characters interesting (including Virginia and Tommy) and they lacked depth. The story was flowing all over and it failed to engage me at all.  Throughout the narrative, there were huge paragraphs about war, things happening around the world and interludes with stories of random people. I suppose the author to show the reader what was going on in the world around our characters but it totally slowed down the story. Overall, the crossing is grand in its ideas but falls short in execution. Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin books for ARC.  What do you think? Did you like The Crossing?  Let me know what you think on the comments.

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