Deadly Secrets (DCI Erika Foster #6) by Robert Bryndza

Erika Foster is back! With Deadly Secrets, Robert Bryndza brings you yet another page turner with full of surprises that will keep you on the edge!

Its Christmas day and Erika Foster is on her way to her boss’s home for lunch. On her way, stumbles upon a murder scene. A beautiful burlesque dancer, Marissa Lewis is found dead on her garden with her throat slit. Erika takes charge of the case. Erika’s team finds that Marissa is well known around the community but not everyone’s favorite. She even had affair with two married men around her neighborhood and blackmailed one of them. The suspect list keeps increasing but Erika and her team keep hitting road blocks.

On the other hand, there are several reports about a guy wearing a gas mask attacking random strangers. When the CCTV footages near Marissa’s home turn up, Erika finds that Marissa’s attacker was wearing a gas mask too!

Were these two related?

At this point, Erika’s Father in law gets sick and she leaves to Manchester assigning her Detective Inspector Moss in charge. As the pressure of the case builds up, DI Moss is unsure if she is capable of solving the case. While Erika battles her personal demons, Moss and her team bring the case to a close.

When Erika comes back, she notices a glitch in the case. Have they arrested the right person?

Robert Bryndza will keep you guessing till the last page.

I have been following this series from book one and I must say, the quality just keeps increasing. With every book, the character Erika Foster evolves and she has stepped up to a top place in my list of favorite fictional characters. However, in this book she takes a step back from the case to deal with her personal issues which is typically unusual of her. I believe we will see a slight shift in Erika’s character in upcoming books. Also, Moss and Peterson show up more in the story and it’s refreshing to see their characters develop.

Overall, Deadly secrets presents a twisted plot with engaging characters. This has definitely become one of my favorite series.

I do recommend Erika Foster series for all police procedural fans!

Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for ARC.

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