Book Review : Behind closed doors by B.A.Paris

Behind Closed Doors by B.A.Paris

Okay! This is a kind of book where you have to shut down your logical mind, close your eyes, take a deep breath and acknowledge that it is just a work of fiction. Having said that, this book is a page turner and I went through it really fast.

I have read “The Breakdown” before this one and it looks like the author has used a very similar template for both the novels. Now I have the ARC copy of “Bring me Back” and I hope it’s something different.

Grace is the only caregiver for her seventeen year old sister Millie, who has down syndrome. Millie currently goes to a boarding school and when she turns eighteen she will be moving in with Grace. With Millie in picture, Grace finds it difficult to find a suitable life partner. Enter Jack Angel, a handsome and high profile lawyer who is so charming and very kind to Millie. Six months later, they are married.

They live in a beautiful home and they throw these extravagant dinner parties for their friends. He is a handsome lawyer specializing in domestic abuse who has never lost a case while she is beautiful and demure, retired from her high-powered career to transfer her accomplishments to the realm of the domestic arts. And they are awaiting the day her Millie will turn eighteen, leave her boarding school, and come to live with them in their perfect house and be a part of their perfect life.

Perfect. Isn’t it? Except, it’s not. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read the book. So I ll stop with “read the book to find out more”.

In my opinion, this book is so unrealistic and it lacks depth. There were so many moments where I was like, “Really? This is sooooo stupid”. [I kind of felt the same way with The Breakdown. As I mentioned above, both the books followed a similar template]. Throughout the book, the story never lost its pace. This is a slow building thriller and it makes you itch for the climax. And the climax? I felt it was okay. This book had a great potential for an extremely satisfying climax but it didn’t deliver.

Despite all the flaws, I would still recommend the book. If you are bored of reading heavy stuff and looking for a change of pace, go for it.

3/5 Stars.

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