Book Review: Force of Nature ( Aaron Falk #2) by Jane Harper

Book Review: Force of Nature (Aaron Falk #2) by Jane Harper
5 Stars.
This was much better than Jane Harper’s previous novel The Dry. Whatever was wrong with The Dry, this book got it right.

Five women go on a hike. Only four of them return!!
BaileyTennants is an accounting firm based out of Melbourne. They organize a corporate retreat, where as a part of “team building activity” they go on a hike to Giralang Ranges. One of the women Alice Russell goes missing during the hike. Alice Russell is an informant in one of the money laundering cases handled by Federal Agent Falk & his partner Carmen. On the night she went missing, Aaron Falk receives a voicemail from her. He couldn’t hear most of it but in the end he hears someone saying the word “ hurt her”. Faced by curiosity and guilt, Falk joins the search team.
The story is told in two perspectives in alternative chapters:

  • Aaron Falk & the police searching for Alice Russell
  • What actually happened during the hike?

With every chapter, the story picks up the pace!. Again, Jane harper has made best out of the characters and the location of the plot. Giralang ranges is creepy. It’s not only known for its dangerous trekking routes but also for the hiding place of a serial killer Martin Kovach. With her vivid descriptions, she takes you on a hike along with the characters.
Now the five women Jill, Alice, Lauren, Beth and Bree. Jane harper has done a great job in defining each of the characters and their backstory. The tensions and dynamics between the five women during the hike was amazing. There is never a dull moment as it keeps you guessing.
In my last review for the dry, I wrote:
As far as the main character Aaron Falk is concerned, he is good but not great. When you create a character for a series, the unique traits of a character is important. I think that differentiates a stand alone novel and a series. I personally felt Aaron Falk lacked those traits. He could be your next door Tom, Dick or Harry. Nothing special. I’m hoping to see more of him in the author’s next book.
Has my view on Falk changed with this book? A little bit. We see a little bit more into his life and mind. But I beleive he still needs little more of a character. The hint for romantic connection between Carmen and Falk seems interesting and I would like to see how that works out.

Thanks to ARC from Netgalley and Flariton books
Verdict: Force of Nature by Jane Harper is the way that thrillers should be written. Just done right ! 5 stars !!

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