2017 Wrap up Part 2- British Police Procedural

2017 Wrap up part 2:

As a follow up to my 2017 wrap up that listed my favorites, what else did I read this year?

British Police Procedurals:

This is the summary of my favorite British Police Procedurals and most all of them feature a strong female lead.

Here is a short summary about each series and let me know who is your favorite !!

Kim Stone Series by Angela Marsons

In this series, Angela Marsons introduces us Detective Inspector Kim Stone. Kim Stone is soooo badass and she is a type of person who is very dedicated to her work and never stops trying until she catches the bad person. I saw a post recently that, “Which fictional character you would like to have on your side when you are on trouble?” and I Immediately thought of Kim Stone.

Kim Stone’s complicated character is shaped up by a traumatizing event from her childhood. Growing up in several foster cares has made her strong but more skeptical towards people. Kim has no family, no dating life and rarely attaches her to anyone. According to her, having loved ones in life is vulnerability. But she loves her team very much but she would never admit it. The other characters in the series, Kim’s team: DS Bryant, Kevin and Stacey are equally awesome.

Kim usually teams up with Bryant who is level headed, methodical and he makes up for her lack of social skills. Kevin and Stacey are also a valuable part of the team.With every book in the series, Kim Stone and her team grows with you and you will start loving them all.  Of all the police procedurals I have read so far, Kim Stone series is my favorite. For all of you who are looking to start a series, I can’t recommend this enough and please start with Book 1.

Books so far:

  1. Silent Scream
  2. Evil Games
  3. Lost Girls
  4. Play Dead
  5. Blood Lines
  6. Dead Souls
  7. Broken Bones

My Favorites:


DCI Erika Foster Series by Robert Bryndza

I was a huge fan of British tv show “ DCI Luther” and when Amazon suggested me a book featuring DCI Erika Foster, I immediately picked it up.
Erika foster falls number two in my list. She is fearless, respected and unstoppable.

At first, Erika may come across as a cold and gritty person but as we discover her back story, we get to see her vulnerability beneath that cold exterior. Like Kim Stone, she isolates herself from relationships and she is far from being perfect. She disobeys her superiors and lose temper more often than she should, but somehow gives every bit of her in order to catch the killers.

Robert Bryndza is a talented writer and so far all the books in this series are pretty good !!

Books so far:

  1. The Girl in the ice
  2. The Night Stalker
  3. Dark Water
  4. Last Breath
  5. Cold Blood

My Favorites:

     thenightstalker     34368544._UY904_SS904_


DI Robyn Carter Series by Carol Wyer


DI Robyn Carter series is yet another police procedural written by Carol E Wyer.

How is she different from Erica Foster and Kim Stone? Like the other two police detectives, Robyn Carter also has a tragic past , bends the rules based on her hunches, no (living) significant other and has a team who is ready to anything for her. Even with all these similarities Carol Wyer managed to make her different. Robyn Carter is more level headed and has better temperament than the other two.

I can’t believe Carol Wyer used to write romantic comedies ( which I have never read). With this series, she has chosen a totally different path and Wow! She is good at this. One thing I noticed about her books are that she doesn’t place her bad characters on the dark side completely. She places them in a grey area and tries to give you a perspective of what drives them to do such horrific things.And that’s what I love about her.


Books so far:

  1. Little Girl Lost
  2. Secrets of the dead
  3. The Missing Girls
  4. The Silent children

My Favorites:

   32762388       35514147
DI Rachel Prince series by Alison James

Through ” The Missing Child”, Alison James introduces Detective Rachel Prince. Another police procedural with a strong female lead. This has only one book and we have to wait until the next books in the series are released.

Alison James takes her time in introducing and developing her main character. DI Rachel Prince’s personal life is messed up. Rachel seems to have issues with relationships and doesn’t seem to hold high ethical standard. However she is intelligent and a very capable detective. She & her sergeant Brickall make a great team and their interaction adds humor to the book. Though far from perfect, I ended up liking detective Prince and I’m looking forward to finding out more about her.

Books so far:

  1. The Missing Child

My Favorites:

Too soon to tell 😉



Although every book is a standalone novel, I would recommend you to start any series from book 1.  But if you are lazy I have listed my favorites in the post and also in my featured image.


Let me know what do you think and if you know any good police procedural feel free to make recommendations.


Happy New Year and see you all next year 🙂


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