Every last fear by Alex Finlay

You have two choices when you are confronted with your every last fear : Give up or fight like hell.

I loved this one. Every last fear is about a family who believe that their son is wrongfully convicted of a crime and their quest for justice.

Danny pine, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his teenage girlfriend Charlotte – was the subject of true crime documentary suggesting that he was wrongfully convicted.

When the Pine family went on a vacation to Mexico , all except Matt Pine, a NYU film student , were killed in a gas leak accident. Is it really an accident? Or their death is related to his brothers case ?

Told on multiple perspectives of the family members and the detective who investigates the case, this story goes back and forth between the timelines.Alex Finlay with his Clever plot, keeps the tension tight throughout the book. What initially seems like serious of unrelated events, slowly fits into its place in the puzzle. There are some parts of the book where I felt it was a bit lagging , but not to an extent where I lost interest.

I loved the characters in the book . Though everyone went through the same family ,the pine family members deal with Danny’s conviction in their own way. You could feel their pain. Evan Pine almost looks insane trying to fight for his son. And my heart wept for Maggie pine, she was the soul of this book even though Matt was the protagonist.

Sarah Keller, the FBI agent in the case is such a badass. I loved, how the author went into her own insecurities when the story is told from her perspective. However, when she appeared from other people’s perspective, she was strong as hell. I think , that’s brilliant form of writing. I hope to see her again in another book.

Every last fear is more than a thriller. It’s about a family dealing with tragedy, their grief and their quest for Justice. I was able to work out the mystery half way through the book but it still didn’t stop me from enjoying it mostly because of how well the characters were written.

A solid thriller , written well with bunch of interesting characters. I highly recommend this. I’ll be looking out for Alex Finlay’s next book.

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      1. I’m sure I will, it sounds right up my alley! I just need to get my hands on it.
        Thank you!


  1. Hey Sid, I think I liked this book. Also, I think I was around 6 when my mom gifted me the first Enid Blyton then there was no looking back. ❤️


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