Seven ( and a half ) deaths of Evelyn hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Absolutely Mind Blowing and pure genius. This book is one of a kind. With “The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle” Stuart Turton has created an extraordinarily original premise and a new way of storytelling.

What is the plot?

Aiden Bishop has a murder to solve. He will be released only if he solves the murder.
The rules are simple:
Each night at 11 PM, Evelyn Hardcastle will be murdered. The day repeats 8 times and each day Aiden wake up as a new person. With 8 different perspectives of the same day, would he able to solve who killed Evelyn?

It’s not every day you find a book that consumes you. This book made me think over and over. Every day he wakes up in the body of a different guest or servant, reliving the day from their perspective and using their skills to help him in his investigation. And every action or inaction will cause a ripple in the course of events of the day. Every host that Aiden takes over was crafted so carefully with their strengths and weaknesses. Each day, it’s a new experience and new perspective for us too. As a reader, I could totally empathize with Aiden as he struggles to keep “Himself” alive through each of the hosts.

With such a premise, its easy to grab readers attention. But keeping them engaged throughout is an art. I believe it’s the narration that shines. If this book is narrated in any other way, I would have been put off by the intricate plot. But with his unique narrative style, Stuart Turton has kept the tension throughout the book. He keeps you guessing with so many twists and presents you an absolutely satisfying climax.
To me, keeping track of the events in the book was difficult. I couldn’t imagine the amount of planning and work that was put into creating this novel. Even with such a complicated plot, I could spot no loose ends.
Thanks to Sourcebooks and Netgalley for the ARC

Overall, The Seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is a brilliant and unique read and I totally recommend it!!

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